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This service is available as a follow up for all orders placed online or via email.


We can embroider your garments with a club/company logo, sponsor text, initials or whichever details you require. Similarly, we can print jersey numbers, sponsor images, and much more. We outsource our printing & embroidery work to high quality professionals, to ensure an excellent finish and classy job - there's no point ruining a quality top with a poor embroidery. 

Some of our customers prefer to use a local embroidery service, and that is fine - we can supply goods to your embroiderer of choice in 5 working days. However if you do not have a local service, we are more than happy to take the headache away from you, and deliver the goods fully embroidered & printed.

Contact us to request a quote on embroidery and we will invoice/quote this service separately.

Alternatively, email us at We can discuss your needs, give you a price, and sort it out.​



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